Course Information



Asst. Prof. Nart Bedin Atalay 

Course Description

This is an introductory course to the research methods of Psychology. The first part of this course, Research Methods I, covers basics of research methods, such as hypothesis formation, ethical considerations, systematic observations, self-reports, reliability and validity of a research tool, etc. 


This course aims to teach you the basic and terminology of psychological research methods. At the end of this couse, you will be able to assess methods of psychological research critically. Importantly, you will be able to write a research proposal in an APA standard.

Text Book

Beginning Behavioral Research: A Conceptual Premier (Sixth or Seventh Edition). Using an original copy will provide you benefits of accessing online resources and materials (Check Resources tab on the web site. Click to student resources link.) The same text book will be used for Research Methods II course. 

Please take benefit from the Companion Website for Beginning Behavioral Research: A Conceptual Primer



This is a must course for Psychology majors and minors.


Attendance is must and it will be taken. Attendance to 70% of class hours is necessary to enter the final exam. Click here for lecture hours.


There will be 2 Mid-Term, 1 Final exams, and a term project. Questions will be multiple choice, yes/no, and open-end questions.  In the term project you will write a research proposal.



Mid Term 1 20% 

Mid Term 2 20%

Final 40%

Term Project 20%

Bonus Assignments 10%



MAKE-UP exams will be in essay format.


DO NOT ask for a raise in your grade, I will not raise your grade under any circumstances.

Very Important Note: All assignments must be done ON YOUR OWN. Note that academic dishonesty includes not only cheating, fabrication, and plagiarism, but also includes helping other students commit acts of academic dishonesty by allowing them to obtain copies of your work. Cases of academic dishonesty will be dealt with harshly. If the student is found to be responsible of academic dishonesty, the typical sanction results in a grade of “FF”. More serious instances can result in expulsion from the university.